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Cool Koala

Guided Bedtime Meditations for Children with ADHD and Anxiety

Helping kids fall asleep fast and learn lifelong self-calming skills



Our Daily Themes


 - Letting go of worries

- Getting calm and relaxed with deep breaths

 - Deep body relaxation

- Letting go of anger and frustration

 - Developing self-empowerment and self-love

 - Developing gratitude

- Developing compassion 

Led by Ryan Judd,
the modern day 
Mr. Rogers,
and the beloved Cool Koala

Click above to see Cool Koala in action

Beurkens Headshot _2022.jpg

Dr. Nicole Beurkens
Psychologist, Educator

This app is my favorite to help kids settle down for sleep. The music, stories, and strategies are excellent, and my patients love listening to them. Parents are thrilled that their kids are getting to bed, and falling asleep, more easily.


As a therapist who specializes in child anxiety, I highly recommend this app for your anxious kids. It is also great for sleep hygiene for anyone, and helps calm yourself down in general.


Mary Lou Jelinek

Cool Koala is a comprehensive, thoughtful mindfulness resource for young children and their parents. As a mental health professional, I am excited to have this resource to share with families. 

Endorsed by leading mental health professionals

Hear it from our customers

This app is magic!     ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️                     
I am so grateful for Cool Koala. We began using it one week ago at bedtime. My son can get very anxious at bedtime and therefore can have a hard time settling to sleep. We have tried everything to help him. This is the first thing that has worked consistently. Not only did he settle and fall asleep by the end of the meditation and relaxation music, he has requested it to be the last thing we do every night since. I highly recommend this app!
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