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Helping Children with ADHD Fall Asleep Faster

With Calming Bedtime Meditations

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A child peacefully sleeping in his cozy bed.
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“This app is my favorite to help kids settle down for sleep. The music, stories, and strategies are excellent, and my patients love listening to them.”

Dr. Nicole Beurkens,
Psychologist, Author, Educator

Led by Ryan Judd

The Modern-Day Mr. Rogers

Music therapist, Billboard top recording artist, and meditation teacher, Ryan Judd is at the heart of our meditations. His expertly crafted sessions are designed to help your child calm down and gently drift off to sleep.

Ryan Judd, music therapist and meditation teacher

Stress-Free Bedtime Plan for Your Family


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Peaceful Nights

Enjoy frustration-free bedtimes and more restful nights for the whole family.

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Don't Get Knocked Out by Bedtime Battles

Research shows that up to 70% of children with ADHD struggle with sleep issues, significantly impacting the well-being and daily functioning of the entire family.

Become a Bedtime Champ
Let Cool Koala Help

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Hear From Parents Like You
Whose Bedtime Have Been Transformed

Amber, CA

“Our son has ADHD, and bedtime used to be such a struggle. After adding Cool Koala to our routine, he’s usually asleep by the time the meditation finishes.”

Alice, NC

“Cool Koala was the perfect fit for our bedtime routine. Since using the app our son falls asleep faster 100% of the time."

David, MA

“Ever since Cool Koala have become a part of our bedtime routine, our nights have been more peaceful, more loving and more beautiful." 

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